Tuesday, 7 February 2012

These are photos of one of my dollhouse families. I took them so that later on I could do some paintings of them.

                                        Mother looking at the family photo album.
                                          Riding new tandem, tricycle, and rickshaw.

                                            Christmas scene, snowman and woman on ice skates are decorations I bought.

My little old dog Ruby

Here is my little dog Ruby. She is a Yorshire Terrier. She is 16 now and cannot see but is still very alert. She always sits by me on my 2 seater sofa.

My Lundby Dollhouses

I have now put the furniture and dolls in my Lundby dollhouses. I bought these on Ebay and collected the dolls and funiture over some time until I could buy the houses.
The figures with felt limbs are Dol-Toi and so is most of the furniture in the house without the basement.